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Monday, March 18, 2013

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Dare to Wear Love Gala

dare to wear 2012

I'm here in Toronto this week to scope out the best designers in the North.  Before I get to my first show, I wanted to help spread the word on the Dare to Wear Love Gala happening this Friday, March 22nd. It is a spectacular fashion show bringing together Canada's top designers and a grand party.  It is the passion project of one of my first fashion industry employers, Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle of the label Hoax Couture.

Proceeds of Dare to Wear Love benefit the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which aims to fight the devastation that AIDS has caused in Africa.  Past galas have had shows that honor the silhouettes and fabric patterns of African tribes as interpreted by artists and designers of Canada.

I spent a brief summer at Hoax Couture before my sophomore year at Parsons. I remember that Jim and Chris were always generous with their time, with any organization that asked for their help.  It is great to see their philanthropic pursuits organized to become a huge event that reaches so many ... It also makes me feel good knowing such a large number of fellow Canadians, designers, celebrities and sponsors have come out to support them for the purpose of a good cause.

If you're in town for Toronto Fashion Week, I ask you to buy a ticket to the gala or donate to the organization if you cannot.  Show these guys some love!

Photos by George Pimentel from the 2012 Gala

1 comment:

Eden Baylee said...

Great post, and thanks for highlighting a wonderful cause. Jim and Chris are incredibly generous and I'm looking forward to the event!

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