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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Betsey Johnson Parties in Macy's Windows

betsey johnson windows
Wednesday afternoon, fashion icon Betsey Johnson decided to play mannequin and celebrate her new dress line debuting as Macy's.  True to her style, the designer made the event a big pink party.  There were lots of bottles of champagne, dancing to the crowd, but most importantly, bright, fun frocks for the grown up girly girl.

I'm glad to see Betsey back in stores.  I was really sad to hear of her bankruptcy a few years back and love that with the help of Steven Madden, she is coming back with a vengeance again.  She represents what savvy little girls want to grow up to be.  She manages to turn an exercise video and even display windows into a must-be-there event...
Photos by Kent Miller Studios, Macy's Inc


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Eddy said...

love me some Betsey!

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