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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monika Chiang Fall 2013

The designer went to the birds for inspiration for her Fall 2013 collection.  Monika Chiang had a dream where she took flight, then found a photo exhibit birds at the Modern Museum of Art.  She was fascinated by the images of their wings in flight.  

How did this translate into real clothing?  You can see the chain embellishments fanned out like wings, and sheer, full chiffon tops that flow down from the shoulders like feathers.  The designer was also inspired by vintage aviator uniforms and their tailoring.  This resulted in a great mix of utilitarian silhouettes blended with soft, feminine details.  This was a collection I would love to wear myself.  I liked the military, structured edge to jackets and pants.  I loved how they softened by flirty silk dresses and blouses that border on evening wear. 

Monika Chiang is definitely a designer who seems to work in the way I was taught to.  Start from a cerebral muse and then flesh it out in a well, thought out, edited collection that serves as a full wardrobe.  I think this presentation looked great and wish her the best!

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