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Monday, March 4, 2013

Falguni and Shane Peacock Fall 2013

falguni shane peacock dress
falguni peacock fall 2013
falguni shane peacock fall 2013
I love a fashion love story. Falguni and Shane Peacock is designed by a husband and wife duo out of India.  Their Fall 2013 runway at NY Fashion Week was one of my favorite surprise finds.  The inspiration for the collection was ""Wild Child" and looked like a luxurious couture version of what  a punk princess would wear. Sexy gowns or slim sheaths carried artistic prints or elaborate embroidery.  Looks were accessorized with cyber-futuristic metallic corseting for a dark and edgy feel.  Shiny gloves and fierce boots gave it a dominatrix vibe.

Their label began with the couple making custom pieces for India's elite.  Now their dramatic, luxurious pieces have made their way into international boutiques and today's top pop stars like Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

This collection is perfect for the red carpet or the darkest streets of Gotham...  Check out correspondent Mdivani Monroe's backstage interview with the designers:

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