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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013

rachel zoe
rachel zoe fashion show
Bananas? Not my favorite, but celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe presented a collection that was a good representation of her signature style.  Her spring 2013 show at NY Fashion Week sent long maxi dresses and meticulously accessorized models down the runway.

I have to admit, I am not a regular fan of her reality show, though she does get props for being able to rock 6 inch stilettos while being 8 months pregnant.  She shed light on the profession of styling celebrities while bringing the world her own brand of cool California chic to the masses.  Unfortunately very few of those masses could afford her collection, whose price point is on par with the high end designers she pulls from.
rachel zoe purse
As a stylist, coordinated accessories were a huge focus along with the clothes.  There were luxe leather belts, over-sized carryall bags, clutches and an attempt at a fanny pack update.  Floppy hats that are often seen on Ms. Zoe also adorned many of her models with the shoulder length hair that she herself favors.

Overall, her collection had a comfortable vibe that suited her particular lifestyle.  However, with any celebrity-driven label, I question whether or not it was accessible to the fans who aspire to her lifestyle?

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