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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet the New Carrie Bradshaw!

annasophia robb

glam anna sophia robb
Gossip Girl is off the air, Sex and the City reruns are practically a period piece... Now comes The Carrie Diaries to help fill that fashion focused television void.  My fellow Glam Network bloggers and I spent a delightful afternoon chatting with the new Carrie Bradshaw, AnnaSofia Robb.

Ms. Robb has very big designer shoes to fill.  She will be playing the iconic character originally played by Sarah Jessica Parker, but as a high school junior heading into NYC for the first time.  No doubt we'll see fabulous 1980's fashion as styled by Gossip Girl's fashion maven, Eric Daman.  Daman assisted Patricia Field on the original show and has some homages in the form of an Alex Woo "C" necklace (a prequel to the iconic "Carrie" nameplate necklace).  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eric also described the challenges of dressing a teenage Carrie character.  She is only being introduced to NYC from the suburbs and not in couture yet. 

 "It is a balance. She has to be stylish, but she’s also got to be this quiet girl from Connecticut that’s 16 so she’s not going to be strutting into the high school halls in two different colored Manolos. It’s a dustier pastel look, but it’s a lot of mixed patterns. I think we were really trying to create the ‘Carrie-ness’ with these mixed patterns but through tonal elements so it’s not just in your face like ‘Oh she’s wearing a polka dot sweater and star jeans,’ it looks really cute. So it’s figuring out how we can mix prints and textures together that feel ‘80s, that feel Carrie Bradshaw, but also feel very Connecticut."

AnnaSofia was super sweet and was almost giddy with all of her fashion week events.  She told us about shopping with Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City, Carrie Diaries) and all of the new designers she has since discovered, like Charlotte Ronson and Rag & Bone.

Can't wait to check the show out!

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Photo Pit Master said...

the 80's fashions aren't exactly true period accurate, but more like a nostalgic, more stylized idea of what we would like to remember the 80's to be...

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