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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Toronto Fashion Week: Lucian Matis Spring 2013

More global exotica from World MasterCard Fashion Week.  Lucian Matis is a Romanian-born designer who studied in both Transylvania and in Canada.  He was a darling of Project Runway Canada.

For his spring 2013 collection, bold patterns were the big story.  Moroccan tiles inspired the prints and crocodile textures embossed the leather.  There was not a lot of consistency, as the looks ranges from big, conservative, almost frumpy suits to overtly sexual transparent outfits that looked like they could only be worn in a fetish club.  That isn't to say there weren't beautiful pieces in between... The collection worked best with dresses that were fit and flared.  They flattered the body, but were still elegant.

 As a younger designer, Lucian may be still finding his core customer.  He just needs to narrow his field a bit.

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