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Monday, October 29, 2012

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Korhani Home Spring 2013

korhani fashion show
korhani fashion week
korhani flapper dress
photos by Hing Ching Leung
The most dramatic fashion show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto has got to be Korhani Home.  Ironic as it is a carpet and home decor company and not one whose business is clothing.

They had the most buzzed about show last season in Toronto Fashion Week for their mix of piglets and punks on the runway, Venetian carnivale and Japanese elegance.  This year, they did not disappoint, with 1920's flappers, island Goddesses and 1980's bombshells.  Parrots replaced the teacup pigs as the animal fashion accessory of choice this season.

It is a unique way to showcase the graphic, trendy patterns of a rug company.  Designer Kirsten Korhani was inspired by the eras and home accessories produced by her firm.  The press generated by putting her home collection on the runway is a brilliant publicity move where few competitors could hope to achieve.  

For the guests, it was an entertaining show that inspired many to "cut a rug" and party

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