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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Punk, Goth, Sex: Fashion Mates Music

Punk was a music movement that ruled England in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Malcolm McLaren managed the top bands of the era like the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls.  A former schoolteacher, McLaren’s new wife brought the punk movement to fashion by infusing clothes with safety pins, chains and bondage. She is now of course, British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood.

In the 1990’s, Jean-Paul Gaultier was the bad boy of the designer set with his bleached spiky hair and fetish-inspired outfit.  His cone cup bras were synonymous with Madonna’s dominance in that decade.  His fetish inspired looks mixed punk with nineties decadence.

Thierry Mugler and supermodels took over as the look of George Michael’s top hit, Too Funky.  Rock n’roll and fetish wear became the official uniform of the song.  The designer himself directed the video with a runway filled with motorcycle bustiers, latex catsuits and metalized bodysuits.

Punk gave way to grunge.  Marc Jacobs became a household name more for his firing from Perry Ellis before succeeding with his own label.  Thrift stores were plundered for Doc Martens and old plaid shirts when alternative bands like Nirvana dominated MTV.

Punk fashion took on Goth, mixing fetish elements and corsetry.  Lady Gaga’s quick pop icon status owed a lot to the unforgettable fashion statements she made in every public appearance.  Her longtime collaborator, Nicola Formichetti went on to be appointed as creative director to fashion house Thierry Mugler, a perfect fit.  With fresh meat dresses, cross dressing and body modification, Lady Gaga brought a whole new level to anarchy when it came to busting fashion taboos.  That is more punk in attitude than a bunch of safety pins will ever be. 

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Does Nina Sky think musicians influence fashion today?  

Majorly, people love to listen to music and keep up with their favorite artists, from their latest videos to what they're wearing... So of course it would influence fashion trends. Also, music inspires creativity and fashion designers are artists in their own right. I think the music they listen to ultimately helps set the tone and theme of their collections."

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