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Friday, October 5, 2012

Makerfaire - Wearable Tech Fashion

hacker fashion led jacket
geek fashion pattern

Taking a break from runway reports today to indulge my nerd side.  I visited Makefaire at the New York Hall of Science over the weekend to check out fashion as interpreted by scientists and artists.

Amber Lundy, MFA student at UC San Diego (above) created a fashionable jacket she hand tailored and engineered with interactive lights.  She intended it to be a dance costume for the stage.  Individual LEDs and wires would allow the bulbs to light up when the dancer was touched.

Other projects (below) included a sexy bustier by Erin Lewis that could show stock market quotes as the wearer undressed.  It used conductive fabric, electronic circuitry and Xbee radio.  Is that every Wall Streeter's fantasy or what?

Erin Lewis also created a skirt of wood, metal and fabric (housing debris) that would actually vibrate in response to seismological data it gathered around the planet.  Erin is a Canadian artist whose medium includes wearable technology and new media.
erin lewis makerfaire

earthquake skirt
There was an entire section on 3D printing at MakerFaire.  I am amazed at the possibilities that this new technology brings.  I saw makers use it to create jewelry, parts for gloves, shoes, bikinis and much more.  Materials originally started with a type of plastic, but now include things like metal and ceramic.
3d printing jewelry

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