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Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Do A Closet Cleanse

It is the time to purge, renew, cleanse, specifically a closet cleanse.

Perhaps it is the fact that the school year starts in September, fashion week, I make my career strategy plans now or that the cute fall clothes finally hit the stores, but the New Year for me starts in fall. (Click here to learn more about the first-ever College Fashion Week presented by
Her Campus, and sponsored by U by Kotex®. which actually seems to combine all of the above.)

I won’t lie, my mother, husband and sister staged an intervention for about my wardrobe.  Mom (uninvited) barreled through my closet and pointed out that I had over 50 skirts.  She took it upon herself to pull items she figured had to be too tight on me to be flattering and gifted them to my sister.  My husband has long attempted to enforce a rule of no new items are allowed entry until an equal or greater number of items exit… Manhattan real estate is at a premium, so it was hard to argue with all of the above.

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, it was easy to collect an above average amount of clothing and accessories. One, you have a heightened appreciation for them so you shop and spend more.  Two, you have access to sample sales, freebies and prototypes from work that that add to the pile.  

What to do?  There were a lot of precious designer pieces I loved but realized later, the Prada Mary Janes I loved from afar, hurt when I tried to wear them in real life.  There were a few smaller sized “inspiration” samples from work I just couldn’t bear to throw away because I knew what they cost.  You can make some money back on these with dedicated resale marketplaces like Hello La Mode.  They specialize in luxury so people who shop from them know the value and appreciate the pieces as much as you do.

In this economy, there are a lot of people who are looking for jobs, but can’t afford a new wardrobe.  A big part of any interview is the confidence you go in with.  If you have great suits, professional items you don’t wear anymore or are lucky enough to be in a casual office, donate them to organizations like Bottomless Closet or Dress for Success.  Not only do they provide people with the clothes to land the job, they aid in skills training so they are qualified for better opportunities.

There is always a clothing swap.  Get your friends together or make new ones at a local Meetup group.  Nothing is better for fashion, the environment and your wallet like a little recycling.
Are you inspired yet?  If nothing else, you can make room for something new that you really want, and have less choices to sift through when you dress in the morning.  No binge,  just purge!

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