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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Custo Barcelona Spring 2013

custo barcelona spring 2013
custo barcelona shoes
Barcelona is the land of complex prints, at least according to designers/brother Custo and David Dalmau.  The label's New York Fashion Week show had a terrific palette of bright purples, greens, red, yellow, well, a bit of everything.  There were interesting fabric treatments and embroideries as the label is known for, including one leather, gladiator-type mini dress.  Feather and fringe gave movement to the embellishments.

In the shoe department they took chunky and platform heels to new heights.  Dainty they were not, echoing prints and colors from the clothing.  The best accessory for this season though were LEGS.  Legs were shown off in short skirts, high/low hems, leggings and skinny pants.

The mythology of the brand is that the brothers conceived the collection on a motorcycle trip.  The Southern California vibe and their psychedelic colors are a huge hit overseas, more so than stateside.  Maybe all of us uptight Yankees need to get on whatever "trip" they did...

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