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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swarovski Natural Reflection Preview

swarovski natural reflection
Chelsea was all about things that sparkle last night at Glass House 21 on top of the Chelsea Arts Tower.  Nadja Swarovski and Daniel Cohen, a fifth generation member of the Swarovski family hosted a penthouse soiree to introduce their new marcasite jewelry collection.  

Swarovski Gems Natural Reflection brought together the work of 14 designers like Ippolita, Stephen Dweck, Judith Jack among others.  The pieces took forms from nature and fused metal and gems together for their creations.  Jewelry ranged from a giant insect to jeweled vertebrae arm cuff.  Traditionally, marcasite jewelry is made of pyrite, which has a metallic sheen and has opaque properties.  This type of jewelry was quite popular in the Victorian era as well as in Art Nouveau periods.  Now, leading designers are revamping the technique for 2012.  

 Patrick McDonald, James Aguiar and Rebecca Taylor were among the guests who sipped sparkling wine and nibble on pastries hung from hooks across a large beam.  As a designer who uses a lot of Swarovski elements in my work, I am a big fan of their publications (in the gift bag).  I love using their photos as inspiration for colors and texture.

Here's to making life glitter...

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