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Friday, August 10, 2012

Nautica Fall 2012

nautica fall 2012

Ok, I have given you plenty of female eye candy with all of the swimwear the past few weeks.  I thought I would inject a bit of menswear and male models today.  Here are some of the offerings from my former employer, Nautica Fall 2012 .   They have their sporty primary colors of course.  Their jackets are very popular.  As someone who has worked on them, I can tell you that the designers do a great job adding lots of useful details like reflective zipper tape, mesh interior pockets, reinforced openings for iPod headphones, etc.

Don't worry, as I am no longer a paid employee of this company, so I have no reason to compliment them unless I meant it.  Nautica may have lost its brand cachet in recent years, but they definitely make a good quality product for the price point.  (Plus their winter sample sales are a steal!).

Their Fall 2012 sportswear and denim had a rugged, preppy look this season.  The sweaters look quite cozy, and my Dad is a big fan of the multi-pocket vests.  Maybe it's in credit to the models, but don't you just want to snuggle to them?

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