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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Trip to Land's End Fall 2012

Heritage company Land's End did a double play last week.  They showcased tailored men's sportwswear, dresses, bright children's wear and personalized home decor in Chelsea.  Next they presented Land's End Canvas, with a mix of their top fits and comfy fabrics at hot Lower East Side restaurant, Public.
The color palette for both presentations was bright, bright and bright.  While this brand is not the most fashion forward of labels, their strength is in hidden details and a classic American lifestyle.  At the first presentation, there was a station to show the company started with their classic canvas tote.  Guests had their initials monogrammed to go.

At the Canvas event, the collection was all about fits and details.  The slouchy slim was the most popular fit among women's pants, perfected by the technical design team and wear tested by employees.  Necktie fabric added hidden treasures on the underside of shirt collars and lining the collarband.  Super soft tencel fabrics were used to soften up classic shirt dresses.  The holiday gift room had rugged knit scarves and beer cozies, in addition to a stylized ski print.
If all the cable knits and chunky scarves didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, the exit gift of Cane and Abe Freshwater Rum certainly did!

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