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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Rock an Owl Hat - Anna Sui Fall 2012

anna sui fall 2012

Nostalgic for the 1990's?  Anna Sui looked like she was pining for the decade with her Fall 2012 show.  It
had the cutesy owl head hats and arts and crafts flea market look of the decade when she was most popular.  I loved the combination of tonal jewel colors.  I have a soft spot for quirky geek-chic as well, with several models in thick glasses.  The eclectic backdrop of the show had retro graphics that fit into the cutesy theme.

This show was, according to the burly male photographers, "where the cute Asian chicks are".  Yes, the Anna Sui fan is likely to be Asian, (specifically Japanese) and partial to prefer her fashion with animal characters attached.  Stateside, I would think her fans would be more junior, except the price point is high for the typical adolescent shopper.

The bird head headwear looks good with coordinating clothing. However, this winter, every side stand street vendor also had character hats too, for much less than what Ms. Sui retails her collection for.

Anna Sui was part of a new designer collaboration with Hush Puppies for spring 2012.  For this Fall 2012 show, she worked with footwear brands Ugglebo, Fiorentini + Baker and Ballin for the finale.  Back in the 1990's the heritage brand had a resurgence when the comfy shoes were adopted by Downtown hipsters.  It seems fitting then, that the designer would work with a fellow brand of the era to revive the look of that decade.

Photos by David TW Leung


Marie-Eve, Editor of Rock on! Anna Sui said...

Actually, the collaboration with Hush Puppies ended with last season. This collection's footwear was provided by Ugglebo, Fiorentini + Baker and if I'm not mistaken, Ballin for the final's lacy boots.


Ms. Fabulous said...

thanks for the update Marie! corrected!

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