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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Styling the Runway with Ric Pipino

ric pipino
One of my favorite events every fashion week are the "Tweetups" held at the American Express lounges. They are hosted by a prominent figure in the fashion industry.  Bloggers like myself get to ask questions then tweet our thoughts on Twitter throughout the event.

Styling icon Ric Pipino gave styling tips and advice for aspiring stylists at Milk Studios.  He has coiffed the looks of celebrities like Rebecca Romijn, Whitney Port and ex-wife Heidi Klum.   He was originally brought into the industry by his brother because he promised that it was where the cute girls were.

For people new to the industry, it is essential to learn the core skills of cutting hair before getting creative with anything else.  The best way to develop your career is to apprentice with well known established stylists and learn all you can from them.

Ric Pipino described how hair styling for fashion week has changed over the years.  10 years ago, they were just the backstage hired help.  In the age of celebrity media and reality tv, the interest in what goes on with styling draws as much attention backstage as what is going on on the runway.  Styling for the runway shows is less about crafting an original look as the ability to lead an entire team of capable stylists into executive a consistent one. 

The process in working with designers is to start with the colors and fabrics they are using.  Ric Pipino then collaborates on the right hairstyle for the model and collection.  For fall 2012, he has worked on a lot bold, graphic black and white patterns.  As a result, the hair was softer, dryer and more textured.  I asked which shows he was particularly proud of.  He named Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Alice & Olivia as favorites.

He observed mens' styles changing to be much less formal, even for men who wear suits every day. He also observed the barbershop making a comeback. Mr. Pipino found it amusing that it's men more than women who seek out advice on their look, even when the hair is very short. His response then is that it looks great.

The celebrity with the best hair?  Ric Pipino loves Julia Roberts.  For everyone, he recommended switching up your look and experimenting with texture, product and styles. On caring for winter hair, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

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