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Monday, January 9, 2012

VLOV - China's Menswear Hope

China was where designers were knocked off, now they are luxury brands fastest growing market.  With all of those resources, where are their mega-labels?  VLOV, which stands for Victory & Love is the award-winning menswear brand by Qing Qing Wu.  Priced to be affordable to a middle-class rice point, he aims to compete with Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss on his turf.  

The designer presented his vision at NY Fashion Week in Lincoln Center with an easy palette of black, charcoal, light grey and pops of bright blue.  There were some 1980's references of wet-look nylon jackets mixed in with zipper details and edgier jacket/shorts combos.  I don't know if the looks here will be too forward for middle-America, but they did get compliments from the more fashionable International fans in the audience.  

It's a longshot, but wouldn't it be a coup for a Chinese designed label to outsource to the USA for production? Just imagining.  But hey, NY designers, Save the Garment Center and keep manufacturing on your home turf!

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