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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nicholas K Spring 2012

No sibling rivalry here...Brother and sister team Nicholas & Christopher Kunz put out a nomadic chic collection that was a mix of zen, Moorish and evening blues.  The fashion show looks had an edgy, dreamy quality about them, but still looked perfectly Downtown.  

The guys looked equally comfortable, yet urban.  The designer duo somehow achieved on the runway what so many of us New Yorkers wish we could find in real life.  Looking or feeling completely put together for a tough city day, yet somehow, completely relaxed in your own skin...Am I projecting too much?
 Nicholas honed her design chops at almost every major American designer brand (Calvin Klein, DKNY, Coach, Polo...) before her namesake collection.  Brother Christopher is the business whiz with the MBA who specializes in strategy and competitive marketing.

I don't know what your family reunions look like, but I bet the Kunz annual picnic is better dressed than yours... 

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