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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NY Fashion Week: LAMB Spring 2012 by Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani lamb
stefani lamb clothing
 Are YOU just a girl?  If so, you had plenty of fun, casual options for Spring 2012.  The Gwen Stefani helmed collection showed quietly in the small 'box' studio of Lincoln Center without the designer.  In previous seasons, her shows were big, celebrity-filled paparazzi-bait.

The clothing did not show a distinct theme, and you didn't really see the pop star's distinct personality in this collection as you would from the previous seasons.  What you did see were bright colors is solid separates or variations on stripes and zig zags of primary colors.  Other separates included neutrals in 1980's styling.
lamb purses
I was much more impressed with the handbag selection at this show.  Several bags had a sunburst-like seaming and braided handle.  Another series had cut strips of leather as a variation to fringe which was clever.

The models were styled with simple informal ponytails, dark eyeliner and neutral lips.  I thought they would at least style them with Stefani's signature red lipstick.  Again, this show just didn't feel like it had Ms. Gwen's stamp on it, so it ended up as one of the blur of collections this season.

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