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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NY FASHION WEEK: Zang Toi Spring 2012

Dreaming of Marrakech. Malaysian designer Zang Toi was inspired by a journey to North Africa for his Spring 2012 collection. He took influences from the desert for the rich browns and the deep sapphire blue from the night sky. There were a few djeballa type silhouettes included as a nod to traditional Moroccan attire. There were gold appliques in motifs inspired by Moroccan architecture that adorned gowns and capes.

Besides travel muses, the collection was, as always, pure luxury. Zang Toi always chooses the most posh of silks and other fabrics. Every look exudes elegance and sophistication. There were a few cream and black ensembles appropriate for the day that were beautiful, but the guests here reserve their applause for his big gowns.

Kirstie Alley, most recently a favorite on Dancing with the Stars walked out as a Diva of Lincoln Center in the show finale. The burly guys of the photographers pit had been taking bets on her shape and size prior to the show, so it was satisfying to see her look gorgeous.

The ever charming Mr. Toi gave the Ms.FAB team an exclusive interview, our video will be up soon...
Photos by Mariana Leung

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Unknown said...

The embellishing here is amazing and that brown caftan is very chic, though I'd love to see it on a woman with similar proportions and waisted.

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