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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Theia Resort 2012 - Helios Rising

Don O’Neill is the thinking woman’s designer.  He presented his collection for Theia Resort 2012 by making his entrance precisely at the moment of Summer Solstice.  Why? His collection was inspired by Helios, the God of Light.    

Mr. O’Neill used his muse to interpret the mythical elements into the fabrics themselves.  There were cocktail dresses using a technologically advanced fabric that was cross woven with contrasting colors to reflect light brilliantly.  In blue, it conveyed the rippling of the ocean, in gold; it looked the rays of the sun. 

He used his signature sequin mix in a few of the dresses.   By combining up to ten tonal colors in beads in sequins, Don achieves a richer texture and color. 

For all the cerebral design behind the mythology and fabrics, the silhouettes work on a practical level.  Don O’Neill is the rare gentleman that understands how real women wear clothes.  The unglamorous aspect of dealing with the need for ‘bra-friendly’ dresses and flattering non-model figures is addressed with each collection.  Gowns are draped to flatter actual curves.  Shirring is strategically placed not only for dramatic effect, but also to hide tummies (real or imagined by celebrities).   

The Theia Resort 2012 collection was designed for the smart, elegant jetsetter in mind.  On the red carpet, or a carpet of beach sand, these are the gowns for me.

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