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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashion Designers Open Call

Are you a fashion designer in need of a boost?  Here's a round-up of fashion shows, competitions and projects that can help get your buyers, publicity, fame, fortune, etc.
Henri Bendel is legendary for it's open-see day for new designers.  Now they're having an online contest for accessories.  Enter your sketch and have it voted on by your peers.  Winner will have the piece produced and sold in the stores.

Lower East Side Runway is a crowd-sourced project by husband and wife team Cheryl and Marc Maleh.  They conceived a way to give back to the fashion community by producing an event for new designers living in NYC along with a pop-up shop.  They have already drawn the attention of Mashable and BlackBook magazine.  To apply, click through to the application.  

On the West Coast, the Orange County Fashion showcase is looking for both new, emerging designers as well as established designers for their show.  Models will be provided, as well as many opportunities for publicity.  Applications can be downloaded here.

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