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Thursday, June 2, 2011

FENDI Made to Measure Fur

In the heat of the summer, can you imagine putting on a fur?  You might be inspired if you were treated to a custom crafted fur from Fendi.  Luxurious fur jackets, some blended with glittering tulle hung in the store’s top floor for clients to choose from.

Artisans from Rome were flown in to the Fendi boutique on Fifth Avenue.  Stefania Dialfonso, Conchetta Chiaverini and Antonio Mariella brought their experienced hands to work on made to measure garments and let the MsFAB team witness the process.

After a client chooses their style, their measurements are taken.  A paper pattern is created from the individual measurements as the base of the garment. 

Each fur pelt is carefully selected for quality, color, suitability.  Besides the pre-treated dying, the piece then needs to be wet, then stretched.  I watched Mr. Mariella carefully pin the edges of the pelt at every quarter of an inch to stabilize the piece.  After that process, I watched as he meticulously drew lines on the skin with finite precision.  The next process was to score the pelt, (he noted that one had to be very careful to score the skin, but not actually to fur, so as not to damage the surface fur itself).  This was an extremely delicate process, as one slip would render a very expensive piece useless.  This was only a small part of the entire garment.

The finished garment, depending on the style could take over ten artisans to work on it, and over forty days to complete. 

The skills of these experts came from experience and hard work.  Many of their procedures are never taught in fashion schools.  The obvious pride in their product showed through the beauty of the works in process.

Many people can become ‘fans’ of a designer label.  Some find prestige in the price tag alone.  Now, when you purchase a couture creation, you know that it was investment in workmanship. 

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Anonymous said...

There was a wonderful video on this post highlighting Fendi's fur craftsmanship. Could you please put it up again on the post OR upload it on your YouTube channel? Thanks!

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