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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Furry Boots Round-Up - Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, Cougar...

Snowpocalypse, blitz-zard, and every other unfunny winter pun the media can come up with...It's time to forget the stilettos and don the warmest footwear you can.  If you are in a big city, you're probably trudging through rivers of slush.  Further out? Chopping through several feet of snow.  

I myself have been stranded in Canada for an extra few days until my re-booked flight comes through, and keeping warm with buttered rum and a cozy mate.

Keep those toes warm with boot finds around the web:

I think UGG as the first choice for cozy footwear.  The Cardy style is like a big cable sweater for your feet at $140.

Forever 21 has brown 'suedette' fuzzy boots with chunky rubber heels (if you miss the height) on the low end of the price spectrum at $ 35.80

Who knew Jimmy Choo made a practical boot?  If you must stick to your favorite designer, you can go with the fur lined suede boot for $1075 at Neiman Marcus.

Bulky and fuzzy not glam enough for you?  Tory Burch as beaded rabbit fur boots that make you feel like an accessorized lucky charm.

I am personally wearing Cougar's Ringo Star boots that have kept my feet amazingly warm.  Incredibly comfortable and I love the fur right under my knees for $180.

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Unknown said...

Thats fine! i am going to buy one right now...

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