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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Skater, Chocolates and a Designer Walk Into A Bar...

An unlikely combination....This was the most eclectic celebrity-turned-designer projects I have seen so far.  Figure skating champion and Dancing with the Stars favorite Evan Lycasek collaborated with confectioner Ferrero Rocher to design a gown to benefit charity.

The gold leather and tulle creation was inspired by the truffle's classic gold foil and fluted paper packaging.  The dress used rich brown velvet to symbolize the silky chocolate texture.

The skater did not have to work blind.  He worked with design mentor Vera Wang, a former figure skater before her iconic status as wedding gown designer.

The gown was auctioned off with items like autographed skates to fans this month.  The proceeds went to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  The organization's mission is to work with volunteers and families to build homes for those in need.  To volunteer your time or donate, follow through here.
Images via Ferrero Rocher

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