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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cougar Boots Fall Fashion Update

Winter is coming and I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a brand from my childhood.  I received a fabulous package of Cougar Boots, a Canadian brand that I had not seen since the second grade.

I remember they were always practical, warm and popular with every other little munchkin in my class.  What I don’t remember was that they were fashionable. 

Flash forward to the class of 2010… During a particularly bad slush-filled blizzard day during NY Fashion Week, I realized I had absolutely nothing appropriate to wear on my feet.  I had either lambskin stiletto heels or ugly, but waterproof hiking boots.  The slush was above my ankles.  There was no way to venture out and look stylish AND have dry feet…

The tall, furry Ringo Star boots I just received would have solved all my dilemmas that day.  They look edgy in slick black.  The fur topped edges mirror the trends of this fall season.  They look great with leggings and my favorite jackets.  For once, I couldn’t wait for cooler weather.  (Be careful what you wish for…the next morning, New Yorkers were attacked with gusty winds and hail).

Photo editor Fab Ritika was in need of new rubber boots.  Her last pair met some inexplicable demise (apparently it was a melting mishap that she doesn’t want to talk about).  Our girl loves bright colors and prints.  She took a shining to the Tibet style from Cougar.  The bright red rubber with ribbed stripe knit were clearly suited her palette perfectly.  The style isn’t earth-shattering, but they work with a fashion forward look.

I’m not usually a fan of class reunions, but Cougar totally made the trip worthwhile! 

Like the boots?  Answer their survey! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for slushy weather to wear these soon. And, these were a big hit back at home when I modeled these.

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