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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

West Coast FAB: Delano

California. Beautiful people with beautiful bodies playing on the beach.... But those bodies didn’t get that way by accident. It’s all about working out!  But what do you wear when you are working out?  I mean, you need to be practical and wear clothing that is functional for working out.  But you also want to look good WHILE working out.  And wouldn’t it be great if some of those workout clothes could serve double duty by being fashionable enough to wear on other outings?

Back in the 80’s, the movie Flashdance started a craze for wearing dancer inspired workout wear as street clothing.  But in all honesty, although it seemed cool at the time, the clothes that came out of that fad were merely sweatshirts that had necklines cut out of them and ripped leotards. They were hardly what you would call fashionable and it was a look that probably should have stayed  in the dance studio. Which raises the question, is it possible to have clothing that is practical for working out and also appropriate for daily activities?

Welcome to the world of Delano, a Southern California severely hip line of workout clothes that covers your needs for working out AND is cool enough to wear on the town as well.  Designed with active women in mind, this is not just a line of activewear, it is a line of lifestyle wear that will carry you through many of your daily needs.  While the company is based in Southern California, the clothing will speak to active women everywhere.

The mother/daughter team of Tamara and Britt Delano have launched their namesake line and it is definitely a winner.  Veterans of the entertainment and music worlds, they have long been involved in dance and body conditioning with pilates.  And like the saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention.  Having a hard time finding workout clothes that were functional and stylish, they took their love of dance and fashion and developed the Delano line of clothing. 

The line consists of sporty tops, leggings, pants, jumpsuits and wrap jackets, both long and short.  All of the pieces put an emphasis on design with decorative touches that make them fun to wear and very fashionable.  The colors of the collection are black, white, red, eggplant, bright pink, light blue and I am sure more colors will be added as this new line picks up steam.
Let’s face it, if you are going to all of the trouble of working out to get that buff body, don’t you want to show it off?  With Delano, you can show it off in style.

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