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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alternative Fashion at NY Comic Con

It's not Lincoln Center, or the Carousel du Louvre...However, the fans here are equally, if not more passionate about fashion.  Their style does not follow trends, magazines or runways, but their favorite time period, comic character or movement.

New York Comic Con brought together fanatics of horror movies, anime art, comic books, sci-fi television in all forms to the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.  For some, it was the place to show off their favorite costumes ahead of Halloween, or parade their alternative sense of style.  

The Goths...
It's about corsets, dark and edgy sensibility.  Lace, frills and theatricality.

The Steampunk...
Started as a literary movement, it's about 19th Century-WW1 and science fiction.  The fashion is about ornament, craftsmanship, gears, vintage technology.  The clothing is a little worn, formal, think vests, boots, goggles.

The Lolitas....
Lolitas are sweet and cute.  Petticoats are key.  Motifs are abundant, (cupcakes, cartoon characters, hearts, it's all good).  Sometimes there's a Gothic Lolita in there.  Wings, bows, stuffed animal purses and Mary Jane shoes are great accessories.

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