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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week: Kingdom by Evan Bidell Spring 2011

Medieval and romantic pieces, punctuated with studded leather pieces provided excitement to a highly memorable collection. Evan Bidell's Spring 2011 collection was a standout among all the fashion weeks this season. This collection had the hallmarks of great design associated with the early rise of stars like Galliano and McQueen.

Evan is only 27 but poised after this collection to be an international star. He is a reality TV star from Project Runway Canada's 2007 season. Evan Bidell's presentation was aspirational and inspirational to true design lovers.  Evan displayed pieces from his Spring 2011 collection and presented it on mannequins along with a screening of his full collection. 

Evan is the l'infant terrible of Canada's fashion scene. He is the brightest but less commercially successful. His clothes are like no other and command the spotlight rather than let it glide by.  Take a look at his work - if you can find it. It's stunning in person and more so when we discovered that he creates most of his collection on his own Juki industrial sewing machine.  Thankfully, he has found a supporter in Ken Albright from Seven Continents.  Mr. Albright believes in Evan and showcased the Spring 2011 collection earlier this month to a select group of editors and buyers.

The collection had a unique point of view with deft channeling of Dior's New Look silhouettes.  The dresses were pegged and draped with indispensable pockets.  Silvery maillots with plunging necklines studded to down there! 

One odd outfit  looked like it had been snatched from Grace Jones circa 1979. It was  a leopard print hooded bathing suit belted with a long cape. This was a miss along with a floral dhoti pant outfit  in a collection of standout pieces.

Evan concentrated on belting waists, accentuating shoulders and necklines with studs.  Even floral print dresses cut the saccharine level down by added studs, draping and pegging details. He added flowing floor length coats with rolled origami like collars. 

The Spring 2011 collection was aptly named  "Kingdom"  and Evan told us that  he was trying to make this collection more than 'one time wear dressing'.  I am not sure if he succeeded. The pieces are strong and create an impression but I am willing to wear the floral studded dresses every day - vacuuming, attending black tie events, anything! I would also make sure  no one, even Ms. FAB founder, Mariana, can borrow these.
Reported and photographed by Ritika Wahal.

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