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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

L.A. Fashion Week: Julia Clancey Spring 2011

Los Angeles Fashion Week is really unlike any other Fashion Week. Not having an official sponsor for the entire week, Fashion Week ends up being scattered events across the giant sprawl that is Los Angeles.  With so many events, each sponsored by a completely separate entity, you never quite know what to expect when you show up at one of them.

Last Saturday, I attended the show for the Julia Clancey collection in West Hollywood.  I wish I could say that I was savvy enough to have known Julia Clancey’s work before requesting an invitation to the event.  Of course, once I had determined to go to the event, I did my homework and researched Ms. Clancey and her work.  My research, however, gave me a little background and a feel for her style, but I was still a bit vague as to what I should expect ...

Having attended the show, I can now say that it was a complete revelation.  Julia Clancey presented a collection that was world class and could hold its own if presented in any of the major fashion capitals.  The rooftop of the Palihouse Hotel was transformed into a whimsical garden where we were all invited to attend a tea party รก la Alice and Wonderland.  Flowers marked the runway area, which had miniature gold encrusted tea sets, small crocodiles, peacocks, lilly pads and croquet mallets strewn about for our afternoon garden party.  When the models hit the runway, they completed the whole atmosphere with the magical designs of Ms. Clancey.

Calling the collection “Sensually Sorbet”, the color palette was one of lush springtime pastels of peppermint, aqua, watermelon, lemons, lilac and white.  Utilizing soft chiffons and satins, the outfits flowed dreamily across the rooftop.  This collection brought me back to my days at Nina Ricci in the atelier flou.  Both in cut and embellishment, the collection had an haute couture feeling to it.  Short dresses, long gowns, signature shifts and even kaftans were presented with decoration in the form of hand embroidered crystals, beads and sequins. Not heavy handed at all, the embellishment on these pieces is delicate and feminine and provide just the right amount of sparkle, without becoming overwhelming.

The models hair and makeup complimented the outfits and the theme perfectly, with butterflies adorning their perfectly coiffed heads.  On their final pass, the models ended up lounging on a little hillside, completing the theme and the atmosphere of Ms. Clancey’s imagination that we were lucky enough to partake in for the afternoon.

Julia Clancey is in the process of opening an appointment only boutique in West Hollywood.  I am looking forward to paying her a visit there and discovering more about this extremely talented woman.

Reported by Mdivani Monroe of Ladies Who Lunch Travel
Photos and Video by Omri Escalante

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