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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kara Ross Holiday and Spring 2011

When you think you can't improve upon something like a simple clutch, where do you go from there?  Designer Kara Ross always manages to surprise me with new treatments of leathers.  For this season, her team showed me some highly dimensional python purses.  The scales had been dyed in an innovative two-tone technique, making it look like it glowed.  A similar technique had been employed with a foil metallic, looking like a platinum serpent had sacrificed itself for a fabulous bag.

This chic bag had a soft leather texture, but the animal was unrecognizable...Turns out it was made of a sueded cork (eco-friendly!) with jet metallic accents.  The price point was accessible and offered a great option for those who did not with to buy skin.

Of course, Kara Ross' roots are in jewelry design.  The stone accents are a signature touch on the bags and belts.  She brings her unique touch with leather back to her jewelry in several interesting collections.
Kara took inspiration from a vintage Navajo piece she found and translated the feather motif into an abstract modern pattern.  She embedded snake skin into the metal as a luxe twist on enamel.

Another new technique for jewelry, was this collection of leather, resin and glitter.  The collection had an icy, organic look.  The sparkles gave the pieces the look of 'jewels', the resin had a vintage quality.

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