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Friday, September 10, 2010

Farah Angsana - Spring 2011

Elegance.  It’s increasingly hard to find in this industry.  The Farah Angsana show on Thursday was a graceful, beautiful show. 

The designer drew from her Indonesian roots.  She showed dress after dress of gorgeous crystal embroidery, flowing prints and shirred piecing.  The fabrics were luxurious.  Lots of shimmering silks and beaded brocade too. 

Accessories included ethnic inspired jewelry, including an elaborate gold Indonesian headdress.

Spotted in the front row: (Fashion Week’s Million-miler club): Alex McCord and Simon from Real Housewives of New York

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Lady Bouvier said...

The collection presented an array of shiny, drapey silks in golds and silvers, the likes of which you’d expect on Debra Messing landing at the Globes, lots of fabulously embellished nude Capri-corset suits that would be more at home on a Gwen Stefani or a Scarletty-Scar; some pastelly daytime cocktail numbers for Barbara Bush Jr. and her Jenna twin.


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