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Monday, August 2, 2010

Taboo's Deltah TM 3008 Launch in Midtown

Fresh off a performance at Good Morning America, rapper Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas made an appearance at the Foot Action store of Midtown Manhattan. The occasion was the launch of his new men's sneaker line, Taboo Deltah TM 3008.

Anyone who thinks of sneakers as simple athletic footwear has not seen its possibilities. The Taboo collection brings together urban glam and real functionality. Even better? The price point is a very accessible $65 - $85.

Ms. FAB had a chance to ask Taboo a few questions as he showed off the new goods… When asked if he personally “wear-tested” his own product, he responded with an enthusiastic “Of course!”

As someone who has seen many celebrity fashion projects, I was a little skeptical. I asked which style was his personal favorite. He immediately answered (and demonstrated) the black shiny high-tops were his preferred shoes onstage. He then showed off the red shoes that he wears for playing basketball. Ladies and gentlemen, I stood corrected. I don’t think you could have a better test of a shoe’s durability then having them pounded night after night on a concert tour. If you have ever seen a Black Eyed Peas concert, you know that’s quite a workout.

I was particularly impressed Taboo’s way with the crowd. Before the long line of fans were allowed into the store, he insisted on meeting the store staff. Most celebs would take the obligatory photo and that would be the end. Instead, he personally made contact with everyone around him, giving hugs, thanking them. Those who were shy, Taboo would reach out and drawn them forward. He was the same with his fans, giving each individual attention and appreciation.

I asked him if a full clothing line was in the works. He told me there were definitely plans for the clothing, but his next step would be to offer womens shoes.

The shoes themselves were not for the wallflower. Each had a signature Velcro strap across the top. A shiny embossed plate adorned some of the high tops. The materials were a mix of shiny patent-leather like fabrics with athletic mesh or matte PVC.

For the full event slideshow, see below:
Taboo Deltah 3008 Launch

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