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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Sweet Life Limited Holiday Launch

The summer isn't quite over, but I'm in a party-dress mood... Are we ready to shop yet?
Take a look at the photos above, and tell me if recognize the chic styles you see. The fashion forward looks you see before you are none other than shopping mall staple, The Limited.

At a launch party for the mega-brand, I saw embellished cocktail frocks, inventive knit treatments and a sophisticated color palette. Jeweled belts and raw edge chiffon corsages graced the mannequins like many a runway earlier this year.

Guests and fellow bloggers were treated to a free-for-all by Dylan's Candy bar to illustrate the evening's theme of "The Sweet Life". Day looks and evening looks were accompanied by trendy bags and coordinated dog outfits.

The event portrayed what a large clothing company should be. Fashionable, affordable and playful.

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