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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Patricia Field Does Chic Simplicity for SATC2

I must have counted over 12 "private preview screenings", 8 "official" launch parties, and shopping events in the past week alone for this movie. Word is that opening night was sold out at some theaters over a month ago.

Meanwhile, real New Yorkers, who loved the original might be wary of the latest installment. For many, the trailer seems to have moved away from the City that it made a love letter to.

Classic New Yorker Patricia Field on the other hand, has always made this entertainment brand pure fashion porn. The trendsetter made nameplate necklaces, Birkin bags and Jimmy Choos a householdo. Like any good costumer, she tells her character's story through wardrobe.

In this movie, the ladies are whisked off to a luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi. The cultural divide AND unifiers between American women and Middle Eastern women can be told though the clothes. The SATC girls may be done up in elaborate turbans and bling, while natives are in comfort. However, in this universe, any fashionista might have a favorite Louis Vuitton, whether it's on a mini-dressed arm or under a burka.

1 comment:

Schon said...

I heard that they will have many kinds of clothes on their movie. I love them since from day one and now they still look awesome. If I were you watch out for more from these girls.

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