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Thursday, May 27, 2010

African Couture at the Sewing Hope Gala

Saturday night, the Touch Nightclub was host to a benefit showcase for the Sewing Hope organization.

Using gorgeous fabrics printed with traditional African patterns, designers worked with dressmakers to create the looks down the runway.

Designers Sergio Guadarrama, Marcy Catelgrande, Melissa Choi, Pia Panaligan and others donated their time and talent along with the models to present this project. The outfits themselves spotlighted the craftsmanship of the fabrics, the tailoring and embroidery that can go into a lovingly made garment.

In collaboration with African grassroots group, Fount of Mercy, Sewing Hope provides technical training and financial assistance to those in crisis. In turn, the women are empowered with the skills to earn an income and support their families.
African dance troupe, Creative Outlet Youth Artists revved up the crowd with a high energy performance. Wearing traditional attire, the drumbeats and dance moves put the crowd in the right mood before the models strutted the catwalk. Additional money was raised through a raffle of prizes ranging from spa services, jewelry to gourmet treats.

Each dollar has a significant impact to improving the life of a family. Donations of $15 will provide essential supplies like a bolt of fabric and scissors. $150 can provide a sewing machine and the catalyst to a new business.

If you want to volunteer or make a donation, and have meaningful impact on a family affected by AIDs and/or financial crisis, contact Sewing Hope.

For additional slide shows of the fashion show and designers, click here.
Photos and Story by Ritika W. and Mariana L.


John Olsen said...

It's very African on the pattern and design of the fabric used. it's unique in a classy sort of cozy style. it’s definitely captivating especially the color blends the ones who wear it.

Sophie Jayne said...

These days, it's a hit to launch fashion shows for the purpose of supporting certain organizations. It’s a good thought for the sewing hope organization to raise funds easily and endorse the product. though it's been a trend for fund raisers to come up with this thought. But the idea of showing to public the purpose of the event through this adds inspiration.

Schon said...

The models carried the clothes with elegance and dignity. The artistic pattern and design of the fabric helped the fashion guru to come up with trendy and stylish dresses. It brought out the chic yet glamorous side of the gowns.

Vicky Nelson said...

I love the details and the fabric that was used on the picture. I do designs as well for women and thanks to this site I have many new ideas of course it should be unique. keep us fashionistas updated. :)

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