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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Modern Girl's Guide to a FAB Book Launch

You're a contributing editor to Cosmo, Elle magazine has named you one of the 25 Most Powerful women in Hollywood. You're a working Mom with a successful series of books. How do you celebrate?
Lucky for us, Jane Buckingham has shared many of her secrets to success in her series of "Modern Girl's Guide to..." books. More importantly, her latest book tells you how to overcome all the little disasters too.
The author shared her time and wisdom not at a bookstore, but at the fabulous Downtown boutique of Foley & Corinna. How appropriate to launch a book for contemporary women, surrounded by several accomplished ones?

Self-made designers Dana Foley and Anna Corinna embody today's Boho-chic. Their collection served as a stylish backdrop to the event. Melissa Bushell's cupcakes from Baked By Melissa are the fashion crowd's go-to treat (I've nibbled on them at several parties now). These were washed down with Chambord cocktails.
The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations has advice for instant beauty fixes, tense moments with family or even trouble with the IRS. Example? What to do when caught in the rain with suede? If it's a coat, turn it inside out. A bag? Run into a store for a plastic bag cover. It's all entertaining, witty and above all, practical.
Photos by Ritika W and Mariana L

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SCJA said...

Wow! thanks for sharing this information and for sure I will get a that book for my self. I cant stop browsing your page since I live with fashion and your site is really awesome. Keep it up!

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