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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pratt Fashion Show 2010 honors Catherine Malandrino

The Altman Building played host to the Pratt fashion show students of 2010 Thursday night. A mixture of sportswear, menswear, costume and evening/bridal looks walked down the runway. Notable guests included Vogue's Hamish Bowles and Kim Hastreiter, of PAPER magazine.

The charmingly down to Earth Catherine Malandrino accepted the 2010 Pratt Institute Fashion Icon award. On fashion, Catherine said “For me it was always to dress women with elegance as a wife, mother and lover. It’s not just about clothes. All the time, it’s making a beautiful world.”

Our favorite looks were from Mayu Samoto who showed charming, flirty pastel shorts, fitted tops with piping details. Jennifer Damm’s collection of origami like silks, precisely cut triangles definitely showed her training as curatorial intern at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

K.Paige Regan may have started a new Williamsburg hipster look of super-sized black-framed glasses and sharkskin pants for men.

The most entertaining was the costume category. Emma Madnick showed off a riotous mix of carnival inspired looks. Rayneese Primrose stirred up the audience as a zombie Michael Jackson moonwalked down the runway.

Devin Cole showed feminine pastel printed chiffons with pleats, ruching and weaving over long and short lengths.

The most promising designer was Eveningwear award winner Timothy Kuzmeski. There was a moment of laughter when the model walked to the backstage but her sculpted dress still trailed in after her exit.

Timothy took his bow onstage with a tee that read “Thank you, Mom + Dad” . Talent and humor to remind us again why we love fashion in this city.

Story and photos by Ritika W and Mariana L

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