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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drunken Dragon at Macao Trading Co.

The Limelight is now a shopping center, and the Tunnel now refers to the Highline park...sigh. Are there no fashionable spectacles left in NYC? Of course there is, if one knows where to look. Last week saw the roar of the Drunken Dragon.
A collaboration between prop artist/event designer Adam Aleksander and the dancers of House of Dangerkat, the evening was a Far Eastern fantasy to remember.

Guests were asked to dress in Chinese attire or 1900's Colonial to fit the exotic, sexy theme of the night. Rich red fabric draped the booths with glowing lanterns. Sparkling courtesans fluttered their fans at peasant scholars. Macao's staff served up the tastiest of bites and intoxicating cocktails of absinthe and ginger.
The visual feast of the night included Chinese Opera singers calling out a long 40 foot dragon that wound its way around the bar. A drag queen or two kept you in line as the confetti rained from the sky.
The artistic nature of the night brought out plenty of the creatives in fashion. Party-goers included bespoke shoe designer Ritika W, jewelery designer Michele Russell Ward and the team from Taste of New York.


John Olsen said...

Sexy yet daring outfit worn by others spiced up the street while the drunken dragon ramped on its glory. The music and laughter’s of the people around me brighten my mood. This is such a fun night.

Sophie Jayne said...

I appreciate the clothes of some who participated. The heavy make up w/c covered their faces brought mystery and excitement to party goers. Drinks were everywhere to tickles the mind and mood.

Schon said...

Black and red were everywhere that night. Will that be the color symbol for Chinese outfit? well, I really cant blame them. The color and the design of the clothes matches the mood of the night and that is to commemorate Chinese culture while your based in US.

Vicky Nelson said...

Sure looks like a lot of fun! It seems that everyone had a blast including the dragon itself. This party shows a combination of different artistic creations when it comes to fashion. Great party!

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