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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Noon By Noor Spring 2014

noon by noor fashion
noon by noor spring 2014
 Designers Noor Rashid and Haya Mohammed Al Khalifa created a collection for spring 2014 inspired by their homeland.  Floral prints and appliques of blossoms represented the Tree of Life of Bahrain.

The overall look was a blend of upscale sportswear and evening wear for ladies who didn’t necessarily have to work for a living.  There were bright, elegant ensembles that mixed different lengths of skirts and pants, jackets, blouses, etc.   It represented what I as a child imagined very elegant grown-ups would wear.  I was a tomboy in my youth, so the feminine colors and flowers were what I believed to be what proper ladies would always have in their closet.

Did the Khalifa family feel the same way?  Their previous fashion shows at NY Fashion Week also had a relaxed upscale air, but had more metallic and traditionally ethnic touches or more masculine tailored looks.  Are they dressing their families? The elite of their country?  I haven’t seen the collection represented at retail in this country, so I’m not sure who their target audience is yet.  As this is only their third outing down the runway here it may take a few more seasons before they find their way.   I wish them luck and hope they do.

Are you a Noon by Noor customer?  What do you think their next collection should look like?

photos by David TW Leung

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