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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nicole Miller Spring 2013

nicole miller spring 2013

nicole miller shoes
nicole miller jewelry

Nicole Miller's spring 2013 collection was one of the best I have seen from her in years. The runway at New York fashion week had pretty, feminine floral prints put together with artsy watercolor prints in bright colors.

The collection was kept from being too sweet by pairing the soft with more cosmopolitan black and grey leather. Multi seamed dresses and tops had a stained glass window effect.

The prints translated into the shoes, along with metallic versions of some of the print colors. Sexy, strappy platform heels were paired with transparent geometric shapes in the jewelry. The hard edges were a complementary look with the soft fabrics.

In the 1990's, Nicole Miller practically owned the category of "conversational" prints... Black backgrounds with cute, colorful motifs of girly motifs. Then, the designer became the go-to for prom dresses. A few seasons ago, Joe Zee's show, "All on the Line" spotlighted how this savvy designer struggled with a brand identity crisis to be recognized as a fashion forward sportswear designer.

I'm happy to say that this designer is over that hump. I would be happy to shop anything from the runway. The clothes were very wearable, but with a bit of an edge. It was as off they were designed for the girl of the 1990's in school who grew up into today. (Okay, I might be identifying a little closely).

I did have a makeup case with the famous "Nicole Miller" print that I unfortunately had stolen years ago. In the '90's, I almost broke up with an ex when he shrunk my favorite cashmere sweater dress from the designer. Perhaps I never had closure (no loss on the ex), but maybe I always felt like i was left there was a fashion void that needed to be filled.

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