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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Costume Themes From The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is in full swing in the city of Canals. The multi-week Carnevale di Venezia brings out the most lavish, elaborate costumes and masks the creative world has seen. The classic look takes its cues from 18th-century European elite. Usually, in coupled pairs, the outfits consist of corseted, full-skirted gowns, capes, tailcoats and pants ending below the knee, all elaborately embellished with with lace and embroidery in complementary colors

As the theme for 2024 was Marco Polo's journey to the Orient and back, there was a range of Asiatique-inspired looks, ranging from artistic to culturally appropriated to, unsurprisingly, downright racist. 

While 90% of the costumes I saw followed tradition, there was a distinctive Goth and Steampunk offshoot. This was reflected in the souvenir masks I saw for sale as well. The majority of classical theatrical masks vs steampunk masks was about 90% to 10%. Interesting how no other trend seemed to infiltrate the selection. I wonder why Steampunk made the cut?
Disney characters made their mark here. Disney villains were abundant for characters that rejected Venetian tradition or Steampunk. There were a few more creative groups, like my favorite Aladdin and Pinnochio crew.

So are you ready to BRING IT to Venice? Get ready to dress your best. Enjoy!

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