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Monday, April 17, 2023

'Shrooms + Blooms With Yelp Hudson Valley

Happy spring! We're taking a trip Upstate to celebrate National Mushroom Day and the gorgeous spring flowers of the region. Wicked Finch Farm, together with Yelp Hudson Valley and Caravan NYC collaborated to host an event that brought together the most creative of local makers and growers.

For the "Shrooms" part of the event, Sunflour Bakery served up gorgeous mushroom cupcakes and cookies. 4Wall Farm showed us how to grow mushrooms on compostable blocks. Popadelics kept us munching with crispy truffle mushroom snacks while we hydrated with Odyssey Elixir's cordyceps mushroom energy drinks. Art studio Nature's Impact guided a mushroom art session of sculpting and painting your own figurine.

For the "Blooms" there was a DIY flower bar from Bittersweet Floral. Arber taught a session on nurturing and caring for planting your own veggies. I led a boozy jam and ricotta board demo with edible flowers on behalf of Wicked Finch Farm. The Foccacia Flourist blew us all away with beautiful floral bread art. 

It was so much fun learning and creating with so many local businesses for a getaway to the country for the weekend! Now I'm on a foraging kick for the season. 

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