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Thursday, September 1, 2022

African Fashion Week Toronto 2022

African Fashion Week Toronto celebrated its 10th anniversary this summer. It is one of Toronto's more colorful fashion events that I feel are underattended and not covered enough in the stylish press. The presentations were at various prestigious venues across the city, like the Royal Ontario Museum and Yonge Dundas Square.

While fashion weeks in other cities may be about celebrity sightings and social media likes, African Fashion Week Toronto puts the emphasis on supporting the community and those who work in it. The events throughout the week included workshops in makeup, models, business, and design. MCs encouraged guests to shop from local vendors in addition to the designers themselves. Unlike many fashion weeks, the shows were often open to the public like in Yonge Dundas Square on a huge, open-air runway in the middle of downtown Toronto. 

I caught the collections of Keda Couture and Cynthia M Couture on a very sunny afternoon. Both designers mixed classic, elegant evening wear and sportswear silhouettes with vibrant, modern takes on African tribal prints. 

Next August, should you be in town, explore Toronto's diverse and talented African fashion community!

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