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Monday, June 11, 2018

Zang Toi Fall 2018 - Roman Holiday

Happy birthday to the extraordinary talent that is Zang Toi. His Fall 2018 NY Fashion week collection brought us on a romantic journey to Rome.
His color palette this season was a mix of rich red, orange, pink and black. The florals evoking the sunny Mediterranean regions of Italy with the elegance of its capital city.
Think of the classic movie star glamor Anita Ekberg dancing around the Trevi Fountain or Sophia Loren's sultry looks. While the silhouettes took inspiration from retro fashion styles of this era, they were executed in luxury fabrics of today.
Rich silks are painstakingly embroidered with delicate blooms. Delicate handmade flowers were appliqued onto the body or assembled into glorious caps. A subtle ombre stripe cape in pink cashmere perfectly complemented a gorgeous floral print.
This isn't a collection for casual day-to-day. This is what you wear to that once-in-a-lifetime opera gala that you will attend or perform in.
That's how I think of Zang Toi's fashion shows at NY Fashion Week. As I cover fewer collections at NYFW, I only attend the ones that are special to me. Toi puts so much detail into his shows, from the clothes, model casting, and direction, lighting and collaboration with the photographers to gifts for his guests that everyone present feels it is a special treat to be there. My colleagues, both in editorial and photographers feel the same way, with fashion week completely fragmented, this show is where we all plan our schedules around to reunite.
Bravo and have the most wonderful birthday Zang Toi!
zang toi fall 2018 photos by mariana leung

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