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Thursday, April 19, 2018

NYBFW: Adam Zohar Bridal Spring 2019

bridal ballgown
While Royal weddings are on many peoples minds this season, Adam Zohar understands that not every bride is striving to be the perfect princess. Not every bride wants the palace-styled catering hall or the perfect coiffure. Some brides have piercings and tattoos. Some don't want the perfectly symmetrical traditional gown. That's who Adam Zohar appealed to for his 2019 collection.

Gowns were sexy, with some silhouettes fashioned after old-school undergarments or billowing loose ballgowns. Embroidery and applique embellishments were deliberately asymmetrical across the body or only on one side. Some models were nose rings, showing even the rebel girl could opt to be a pretty bride on her terms.

The inclusive attitude continued through to the show venue. Zohar chose the gritty warehouse ambiance of the aptly named Industria studios. The raw space was one that felt open to any possibility without any pretension, in contrast to the palace vibe many other designers opt for. During the show, the designer kept the big garage doors open to the street so anyone could walk in and enjoy the show as well. Again, a stark contrast to the tightly edited (and enforced) guest list of most fashion shows.

The Adam Zohar 2019 bridal collection was immensely detailed and beautiful. However, even though they were elaborate works of art, I felt like the bride wearing could run on the beach or roll in the grass and he wouldn't be offended. For the pretty and punk girl.
all photos by Mariana Leung

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