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Thursday, February 22, 2018

NYFW: Custo Barcelona Fall 2018

Do you need to see a fashion collection in person to review it properly? Custo Barcelona fall 2018 is a brand that makes the case for yes. This label is one where no amount of fabrics or embellishment is too much for one outfit. Many of the established editors have long since taken the easy way out and written their NYFW recaps from the comfort of their office or laptop, and readers looking for the scoop are getting ripped off as a result.
Looking at photos of Custo Dalmau's fall looks, you don't get the full scope of the work put into each outfit. An edgy cocktail dress might look like an interesting mosaic of patterns from a graphics standpoint. However, a photo can't convey the delicately layered peacock feather eyes, paired with beaded embroidery and how it moved when the model walked. The metallic brocade pieced trim was perfectly cut to curve around the shoulder. In a photo, an editor couldn't possibly distinguish a cheap print from 3D couture.
In fall 2018, there were big coats mixing leather, iridescent, metallic fabrics and embroidery. When urban areas get cold, people generally hunker down in dark, somber outerwear, which is how most designers treat cold weather. I welcome flamboyant fashion statements when everything else around is grey and depressing. Even the accessories are coordinated with the clothing. Shoes are just as embellished, mixing patterns and textures as the clothes. Sunglasses are not subtle either.
This season, the message of the collection is "Yes, this is Me." The bold statements on the runway are to support women who are empowered to make bold statements in real life.
If I took the time to describe every individual look in this show, you would be ready for weeks. If you are looking at every outfit in a slideshow, they might blur after awhile. From a customs standpoint, it is satisfying to know whatever look you choose is your statement piece. Whether you buy a winter coat or slip dress for a night out, you know it will be the most striking piece in the room. 
Looking to shed your wallflower ways? Custo Barcelona fall 2018 is your go-to collection to command the room.
All Photos by Mariana Leung

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