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Monday, October 2, 2017

National Consignment Day

Happy October my darlings! October second is National Consignment Day. Cheap, fast fashion is disappointing. More often than not, it comes at the price of knocking off independent talents or substandard working conditions for the workers involved. 

Luxury brands with history are in an identity crisis. Sometimes I love finding pieces from past collections I missed. It's kind of sad that designers are forced to forget and brush off great designs every few months than in other creative industries, would be considered art cherished forever. 

Consignment is great for redeeming past poor purchases. There were a few pairs of shoes I bought from designer sample sales that I realized later I couldn't wear without pain after 15 minutes. I saw those Burberry and Prada heels go to homes more deserving than mine to feet who loved them. On luxury-specific consignment TheRealReal, I purchased a few handbags that I loved, but couldn't afford when they first came out. The Prada Doctor's bag above, a little Gucci number, a rich purple Marc Jacobs that matched a jacket I couldn't coordinate with for years found their second home with me. 

Let's face it, fashion and shopping are really not a sustainable pursuit. Buying and throwing away leads to excess consumption. Consigning or donating extend the life of a great piece. There are consignment apps and sites that cater to different shopping styles. The RealReal is the most selective, with luxury designers only, with lots of sales and coupons. Poshmark is app-based and sells brands at all price points. Material World will donate the clothes you don't sell. 

Donation-wise, there are so many outlets where your fashion makes a difference. Goodwill comes to mind first for most people. Local help centers and shelters are great choices. Dress for Success is specific for professional attire to help women help themselves. 

Finding a second life for your designer favorites is fashion's answer to anti-aging. #Neverthrowaway

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