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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jack Daniels House No. 7 - Brooklyn Navy Yard

rockabilly hairstyle
house no. 7 nycSummer in NYC means epic parties. Jack Daniels Tennesee Whiskey throws a house party like no other. Jack Daniels House No. 7 imagines the lifestyle of a Rock n' Roller on the road right in Brooklyn's Navy Yard.

You check into the venue, the most stylish chambermaids and hostesses give you a key. A team of attractive bellboys gives you a ride in their cart straight.tp the bar. A bar filled with Jack Daniels concoctions of course. My favorites being Jack and ginger beer and lemonade. 

Southern specialties like loaded fries, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes in waffle cones, sweet and tangy Miss Bobo's meatballs keep you fueled up for the festivities.

Up for a physical challenge? Roller derby girls and basketball tricksters will prompt you to up your game. I was never that ambitious, so I opted for the hair makeover at the salon. You could spin the wheel to help you decide on any number of rocker styles. I didn't think I could pull off a Mohawk or mullet so stylist Siobhan Quinlan (with awesomely pink hair) have me a Rockabilly bouffant. I wore a long sheer plaid shirt and leather skirt.

If you wanted some Jack Daniels culture, you could have the barrel master laser etch a piece of Whiskey aged oak for you. For high-tech pursuits, try the virtual reality tour of their headquarters. 

You could get down and dirty in the house rooms that included floor to ceiling pillows, bouncy beds, and karaoke. Access to secret VIP areas could come by impressing the severe team of Dominatrix-like chambermaids by succeeding at challenges they have forth. 

Thank you, Jack Daniels, for rocking my world with a visit to House No. 7!

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